In our passion to change our world by changing one heart and mind at a time, we have a series of courses that can be taken for college credit or audited that will enable anyone begin to become the person that they were destined to be. While a lot of people will need a degree to open various doors there are also many people do not need a degree, but they do need tobe fully prepared for their calling. Our FREE online courses are to help people along their path of personal development to enable them to learn the truth about God, the world, others, and things and expose lie-based beliefs that rob, steal, and destroy in their own lives and the lives of people around them.

That God has called many into the business realm to minister God’s grace, and establish the kingdom of God through Kingdom Business principles, and by walking in the grace and presence of God, bringing His Kingdom into every realm of society. Each of us has a mission, anda calling, and each believer should be prepared, and continue to grow in order to fulfill his/her own calling and purpose in life.

As much as possible we endeavor to give freely, as it has been given unto us. Listed below will be some courses that will benefit a variety of believers. To sign up, just fill out the registration form (FREE) and follow the links to the courses you desire.


We have a variety of courses for every level of learner. We also have courses in English and Chinese.


September 9 & 16 – “The Trinity”

October 7&21 – “Jewish Background of the New Testament” *

November 4&18 – “Transformers: Keys from the Letters to the 7 Churches in Asia” *

December 9&16 – “Training for Reigning: Life of David II” *

January 6&13 – “Biblical Sexuality in the 21st Century” * CEU

February 3&10 – “Practical Ministry Principles” CEU

March 3&10 – “Dynamics of Effective Communication” * CEU

April 7&14 – “Building Churches that Last” *

May 5&12 – “Healing the Wounded Heart”

BT580: The Trinity Dr. James Beall

Description: The purpose of this course is twofold. First, relating to the knowledge of God in the Trinity, as a way to find spiritual peace, stability and immortality. Secondly, to gain knowledge of ourselves and our relationship to our awesome and all-encompassing heavenly Father.

HT700: Jewish Background of the New Testament* Dr. Ronald E. Cottle

Description: This course deals with the Hebrew-Jewish world into which the Gospel, the Church and the Scriptures came. Influences of the political, religious and social developments of various groups during the first century upon the New Testament are emphasized.

NT503: Transformers: Keys from the Letters to the Seven Churches in Asia* Dr. Larry Asplund

Description: An examination of local congregations as salt, light, and leaven in their communities. Using Revelation 1-3, the redemptive mission of the church to represent Christ and the Kingdom of God in their communities is examined and encouraged.

OT450: Training for Reigning: Life of David II* Dr. Ronald E. Cottle

Description: A continuation of BIOT250. This course covers David’s life and reign as King of Judah and Israel. Special emphasis on people and events that shaped David’s reign.

CC665: Biblical Sexuality in the 21st Century* CEU Rev. Jayson L. Graves

Description: A biblically ‘sex-positive’ look at God’s model of sexuality, its design, meaning, purpose and challenges therein. The course prepares believers to become better-equipped servants to both believers who are in restoration processes (“recovery”) and to those not yet part of the body who experience life outside of His Design for human sexuality with love in place of judgementalism, hope instead of condemnation and grace as opposed to apathy or passivity.

PT535: Practical Ministry Principles CEU Dr. Ken Gaub

Description: Clear-cut dreams to accomplish things for God, for His Kingdom and for our personal lives. Examples of those who have achieved great things. Practical ways to chart our progress and attain the goals we have set through planning.

PT340: Dynamics of Effective Communication* CEU Dr. Randal Langley

Description: A comprehensive study targeted for both beginning and veteran speakers in the art of public speaking and communication. Students are taught the SCORRE system—a creative and relevant communication model used by leaders to effectively penetrate today’s culture.

PT727: Building Churches that Last* Dr. Larry Asplund

Description: Explores the “first church” described in the book of Acts, seeking to observe dynamics and principles that can be used to establish a local church that will be more than a fad but will last until Jesus comes.

PT663: Healing the Wounded Heart Rev. Jack Frost

Description: This course is designed to bring light to hidden areas within you so that you may allow Christ’s love to transform you, thus bringing a change to all your relationships.

PT595: The Emerging Missional Church Dr. Greg Williamson

Description: Rekindles the apostolic imagination at the heart of biblical faith. Encourages the student to daring missional engagement for our time—living the Gospel within its cultural framework rather than perpetuating an institution.

* Courses taught by academically qualified faculty for transfer into a government accredited institution

CEU = Continuing Education Unit Certificates available for these courses

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