Principles of Leadership Development

Course Number: ML113

Professor:Willow Creek’s Leadership Summit

Instructors:Floyd Flake, James Meeks, A.R. Bernard, Sr., Kenneth Ulmer, Efrem Smith

Course Description:

Adapted from lectures delivered at Willow Creek’s Leadership Summit by 5 of today’s most influential leaders, this course offers principles of effective multicultural leadership. In this course, you will learn how to become a transformational leader, identify the enemies of a growing church, develop problem-solving strategies, resolve to complete your God-given mission, and effectively lead multicultural communities.

The effectiveness of a church depends heavily on the character, devotion, and skill of its leaders. This course is forall leaders at your church — including those working in the areas of business, education, government, and the social sector. They’ll be encouraged to further the influence and impact of your church, as they carry the transforming power of Christ into their neighborhoods, businesses, schools, and community.

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