The Book of Acts

Course Number: NT332

Professor: Dr. Hans F. Bayer

Professor, Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, MO.

Course Description:

The Book of Acts tells us of an exciting period of the expansion of the Church. But do the amazing experiences of that time necessarily set a pattern for us today? This course will help you answer some difficult questions about the work of the Holy Spirit and the ministry of the Church. It explains the background, structure, and content of the Book of Acts, including a study of the major themes, as well as guidelines for applying the lessons of Acts today.

Content for this course has been provided by Third Millennium Ministries.

Course Objectives:

When students have done the following, it will show that the goals are met:

  • Become enthusiastic about studying The Book of Acts
  • Participate in extending the kingdom of God throughout the world
  • Learn key things about the background and content of The Book of Acts. Who wrote it, and why? What are the main themes, and how should we apply them today?
  • Make some changes in their lives as a response to the teachings of The Book of Acts
  • Analyze contemporary expressions of thought.

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